Businesses using WhatsApp can now take advantage of a new feature that allows potential customers to browse products and collections.

The feature, called ‘Collections’, is an expansion of its Catalogues and Carts features that were previously rolled out as part of Meta’s push into online marketplaces.


Now, ‘Collections’ allows those with a Business Account to organize items by category so customers can head straight for the products or categories that they’re interested in. Once shoppers have browsed collections, they can add items to their carts and send the order to the business.


Creating a Collection is easy: those with Business accounts can head to Business Tools and search for Catalogue. Once in the Catalogue section, businesses need to add items to their catalogues before being given the option to organise them into specific Collections.


This move makes sense given that the messaging app now boasts 2 billion users from all around the world, but time will tell if this is a good move by the app and if yes, how else it will evolve as businesses and consumers utilize this feature more.

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