Okay, so this may not be a big deal for most… but whether you are a social media manager, content creator, or avid TikToker, you can’t deny how incredibly helpful it is to see your content before it officially gets sent out for the world to see.


Not convinced?


In this blog post, we will talk about the new “Preview” feature on TikTok and the many ways it can make your life easier when it comes to posting content on the app.


What is Preview and how it works

The Preview option is a section within the video composer screen that shows users exactly how their clips or videos will appear in the app when posted. This includes a preview of any effects, texts, and other added elements.


Social Media experts Dan Thorne and Matt Navarra shared on Twitter how to utilize this feature.

Sourece: Dan Thorne

At the top of the screen in the app’s composer, simply tap the “Preview” option and it will show you how your clip will look like, complete with the captions and function buttons with translucent overlays of your caption text as if it was already posted live.

Perks of content preview

When it comes to small features like Preview, it’s all about the little things that don’t necessarily make a huge impact on your experience, but it does make it better.


We find that Previews can help you with the following:


  • Prevent you from accidentally putting your text behind one of the buttons or your captions
  • Easily spot errors or typos in your content before posting
  • View your content from the perspective of your audience
  • Let you test your TikTok ads in the ad creation process as part of the ad composer


The Preview option is now available but only to some users. Keep an eye on this feature, just in case you already have it!

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