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Digital Marketing can be a tricky thing – do you plan things ahead of time, post whenever you’re in the mood or are somewhere in between?

Here’s a quick breakdown:


  • Take their time to research what’s going on in social media or digital marketing
  • Fill notebooks with ideas and how to create content around them
  • Create at least two weeks’ worth of social media posts / blog posts / other digital marketing content
  • Aware of upcoming events, milestones etc. and are ready with content
  • Sometimes over planning to where they can’t adapt to unexpected things


  • Not really aware if there’s anything happening, will find out through scrolling on social media or other sources
  • Don’t know what they will work on each day
  • Show up randomly, posting when they’re in the mood / when they remember
  • Have no idea about what’s coming up in terms of events, holidays etc. so are caught with surprise
  • Can quickly create content to join in something happening RIGHT NOW on social media


  • Have a general idea of what’s going on digitally
  • Use a list of general topics with a vague idea on how to create content for them
  • Create a week’s worth of content but still leaves room to create spur of the moment content
  • Post consistently but know when to hit PAUSE if need be
  • Aware of upcoming events, holidays etc. but don’t necessarily plan things super early

Still not sure which one you are? Take this fun quiz I created to find out!

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