Congratulations, Social Media Marketers! Our lives are about to become easier. Jk, not really (we wish).


However, our tasks on LinkedIn has been made a little bit more manageable. All thanks to the social media platform releasing new features that claim to help social media managers on LinkedIn with target audience reach, brand community growth, and analytics measurement.


Check out LinkedIn’s several new tools and features below!


Boost up an organic post

Do you find that your post is performing incredibly well, but think that it could definitely do better? Need more engagement ASAP?


With a click of a button, users can easily “Boost” any organic post directly from your LinkedIn Page and quickly expand your audience reach, similar to Facebook and Instagram.


LinkedIn users will also be able to pick from four objectives when boosting:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Video Views
  • Engagement 
  • Website visits


It also allows to select which target audience needs to be reached based on:

  • Profile: targets by job seniorities, job functions, or company industries
  • Interests: targets by target audience criteria from member groups
  • LinkedIn Audience: targets by using pre-set targeting options with the LinkedIn Audience template


Other information such as locations, excluded information, budget and such can be selected to further optimize any ad campaign.


Promote your event

With the ongoing pandemic and the precautionary health and safety measures that come with it, there is no better time for the platform to help marketers amplify virtual events.

LinkedIn also added Event Ads, its newest ad format to enable marketers and event managers on the platform boost awareness of their virtual events


The Event Ad includes some key features such as those below, to name a few:

  • Helps promote events by highlighting key event details (i.e. date, time, how to join)
  • Allows members to see if any mutual connections are interested in attending the same event
  • Enables marketers and event organizers full visibility into the campaign’s current and potential attendees


Measure your Event Engagement

LinkedIn also enhanced their Event Analytics tool which provides marketers and event organizers with aggregated insights into key metrics such as reach, engagement, and event attendees’ firmographic makeup.


The tool is powered by LinkedIn data to accurately provide analytics that help users better understand the impact of their virtual event efforts as well as easily and effectively use the information for any decision-making for future events.


Analyse your page’s insights through mobile

Measure you page’s performance on-the-go! Seems like LinkedIn knows that social media marketers are always out and about.


LinkedIn’s new Mobile Page Analytics now helps users see insights on visitors, followers, and content; this makes it more accessible to see how your LinkedIn Page is performing in terms of organic or paid/boosted activities- all within the LinkedIn mobile app.


We don’t always walk around with bulky laptops, but we sure are on our phone 24/7 to keep an eye on our social media activities.


Live stream your event

LinkedIn is no stranger to live streamed events. In fact, according to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn live streams have increased more than 400% each year.


However, the platform is said to have been working to refine its virtual event options over the past year; especially during the pandemic.


By introducing Custom Streaming, a feature that allows users to live stream using broadcast tools that many are familiar and comfortable with. This includes crowd-favourite apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, OBS and WebEx.


All in all, it’s a smart move for LinkedIn to incorporate features that can help marketers extend their reach, enhance content performance and amplify virtual events.


Now, the platform may not always be everyone’s favourite app, but LinkedIn surely knows how to listen to their users’ demands and live by their mission: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

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