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Guess who’s back? Back again.


That’s right, Clippy’s back!


Microsoft just announced that the iconic office assistant will replace the paperclip emoji that exists across Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 products.


In fact, the company even started the hype by teasing the return of Clippy in a tweet promising that if Twitter post received 20,000 Likes, they would replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy!


According to CNN Business, Microsoft has already been working on an emojis refresh for the past year. There have been talks of choosing 3D designs over 2D and opting to animate the majority of them. 


Claire Anderson, Microsoft’s art director, and internally proclaimed emoji-ologist, told CNN Business, “We want the design to uplift and make people happy,”. It seems that it’s all part of a bigger update that will see 1,800 emojis in Microsoft 365 updated with 3D designs and the company’s Fluent Design- an approach that explores ways to be brighter, vibrant, and more human.


CNN Business’s article mentions that Microsoft found through a recent study they conducted that 57% of people consider using emojis in the workplace as professional and help humanize conversations. They stated that emojis are often used as tools to lighten or intensify tones, express playfulness, or enhance expression.


Here are how all the emojis will look after the update:

Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s new emoji set is said to roll out in the coming months. The release will start with the video tool Flipgrid this August, while other platforms, such as Teams and Windows, will start having the emojis during the holiday season.


All in all, we think that Clippy’s resurrection pays great homage to the ultimate 90s nostalgia; back when Microsoft Office was still in its prime time.


It would truly be interesting to see Clippy in the form of a little emoji while we type or read any messages on a Microsoft device or app.


We’re just wondering whether the younger generation who have never heard of Clippy will get the reference!

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