We all love a good recommendation. From life hacks to how to live a healthier life to book recommendations… the sky’s the limit!⁠


Creating evergreen content is a great way to increase your Instagram saves, and recommendation posts are one of them. It’s also a great tactic to get noticed as an individual or brand, especially if your content can help someone and make them feel heard or acknowledged. 


Recommendations are more likely to be saved because users would prefer to find the post easily whenever they need it the most.


Here are some examples of recommendation posts:

  • Face stores to shop for vintage clothes
  • Baking utensils I use for certain recipes
  • Suggested exercises to reduce bloating quickly
  • Best websites for free 3D illustrations


If you’ve never created these kinds of content before, you don’t have to write out a full list – you can start with one recommendation and see how people react to it. 


You can ask yourself questions such as, “Are these recommendations aligned with my brand?” and “How does it bring value to my audience?”. After all, there are specific reasons why they decided to follow you in the first place.


What’s great about recommendation posts is that it provides an authentic way to connect with your target niche and enables you to create content that is personalized to their specific interests. 


If your brand has products that users may love, recommendations are a great way to get them to tap that little bookmark so that they can revisit the idea of purchasing from your business whenever they’re ready, keeping your brand at the top of their minds.


The bottom line is that the possibilities with recommendations are endless! They can be fun content to come across because most of the time, they’re unique to the brand or individual that created the post and may contain recommendations that we’re curious to explore ourselves; that reason alone makes them save-worthy!

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