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Instagram Reels are growing!


The app’s video feed has finally launched Ads across the globe, after a successful test in select countries.


Of course, it’s not exactly a surprise that Instagram is finding more ways to incorporate ads into the app and earn revenue. Especially with TikTok being ahead of the game and the fact that the Head of Instagram has openly expressed the platform to be their main competitor in a podcast interview with The Verge.


Let’s have a closer look at what features Reels Ads has to offer.


What are Reels Ads?
Instagram Reels Ads are yet another way for brands and businesses to place advertisements on the platform.

According to Instagram, “Reels is the best place on Instagram to reach people who don’t follow you and a growing global stage where brands and creators can be discovered by anyone.”


It only makes sense for the platform to incorporate ads to this feature to help businesses reach greater audiences as well as allow them to discover inspiring new content from brands and creators.


What do the Ads look like?

It turns out that Reels ads will be quite similar to ads in Stories in terms of features while maintaining the uniqueness of Reels content:

  • Fullscreen and vertical
  • Appear in between individual Reels 
  • Ads will loop and can be up to 30 seconds
  • People can comment, like, view, save and share Reels ads.


Reels Ads will show up on the feed marked as a sponsored post. It will also include a Learn More button to direct audiences to specific links or pages.


Where will they appear?

Reels ads will appear in the most popular places to access Reels content. This includes:

  • The Reels tab
  • Reels in Explore
  • Reels in your feed


Once a user taps into a reel from the Reels Tab, Explore or feed they will enter a viewer that exclusively shows reels that scroll vertically.


What’s interesting to see is that upon the first viewing, the ads are very subtle and well-blended with other Reels so they can look like any other content; this makes them feel natural, authentic, and not forced.


If you happen to not be a fan of certain ads, Instagram provides users the control to skip the ad or tap the menu on the post to hide or report it.


Why should you utilize Reels Ads?


We think Instagram’s Chief Operating Officer Justin Osofsky said it best during the announcement on Instagram:


“We see Reels as a great way for people to discover new content on Instagram, and so ads are a natural fit. Brands of all sizes can take advantage of this new creative format in an environment where people are already being entertained.”


With all that being said, we’re curious to know what the future of Reels Ads holds for brands and businesses in the platform now that we can reach a potentially wider audience!

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