They say that your first impression counts. This couldn’t be any truer to brands since first impressions can be made only once, but the impact is long-lasting!


This is why choosing the right colour for your brand is equally important as having a logo because it presents your brand’s persona.


Think about your favourite colour(s) or those of your favourite brand(s)⁠.


How do they make you feel and what does it say about you – and them?⁠


Choosing a Brand Colour


Before you commit, consider understanding colour psychology when choosing your brand’s colour as it helps you shape how you would like to be perceived by the customers or audience when they see your logo, website, and content. 


Identifying which colours you would want to associate your brand with can be easy once you have established a brand persona.


Ask yourself a few questions:


  • Is my brand lively or serious?
  • Is my brand modern or classic?
  • Is my brand youthful or mature?
  • Is my brand luxurious or affordable?
  • Is my brand loud or subtle?

To give you an idea, here are colours that are commonly used by some of our favourite brands.




Red is an intense colour that evokes strong emotions such as excitement, passion, danger, energy, and action.


You often see the colour being used in call to action icons.


It can be used in logos as well – for example, YouTube, Netflix, and Coca Cola – as it expresses excitement and encouraging people to do a certain action.




Yellow usually relates to sunshine and evokes optimism, happiness and friendliness.


Adding a touch of yellow to your brand’s logo or website can persuade your potential customers to perceive your brand in a positive way.


IKEA is a perfect example of including the colour yellow on its logo. It represents the happiness their customers feel when they shop for new furniture.




The colour blue is often associated with the sky or sea which can be expressed in a positive or negative way – a sense of peace or coldness.


It is often used in logos to strengthen a brand’s reliability and trustworthiness.


Some well-known brands that use the blue colour in their logos are Facebook, Skype, Visa, Oral-B, and more.

It’s amazing how different colours can impact our mind, mood, and behaviour!


Ultimately, choosing the right colour can be powerful as it often leaves an impression n your potential customers.  It is what they will see when they come across your logo, website, social media content, e-mail, digital ads and more. 


Once you’ve picked your colour, pair it up with complementary colours to create a palette for all your business ventures. This will result in a unified look and feel to your identity, making it more memorable and easier for others to easily recognize your brand!

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