Trying to gain more followers may feel like trying to catch fish in a big ocean. Where do you even start!? It can be tricky and may take a lot of time and patience to finally get the momentum going.


In our new blog series, How to Grow Your Followers, we show you different ways of gaining a following online, whether it’s for your personal brand or business!


Let’s start with optimising your social media profiles to get found on the platforms; the more visible you are, the more audiences you manage to reach and drive quality results.


We’re breaking down steps that you can take to boost your followers by optimising your social media profiles.


Clarify Your Brand Name

Use your brand name so people can easily identify you and engage with your content. 


If people can’t recognize your brand, they won’t bother to engage further. That will impact your presence and growth on social media.


Use a Profile Picture

People need to put a face to a name, whether that’s a logo, a persona, or a real person in your company. 


Users want to feel like they’re engaging with humanized brands that value personalized interactions.


Optimise Your Bio

It’s important that your bio is optimized to provide as much information as possible in a few sentences. 


Be sure to add relevant keywords, while sounding natural to let your brand personality shine through.


Use Hashtags

People use hashtags to search for specific content or accounts so it’s a great way to help people find you and engage with your account. 


The ability to add hashtags is dependent on each platform, but if possible, then add up to three key hashtags so your profile doesn’t look spammy.


Link to Your Website

It’s important to incorporate your website link in your bio or content, depending on the social media platform. 


Once people are on your website, they’ll be able to browse and purchase your products or services as well as subscribe to your mailing list.


Overall, following these humble yet impactful and actionable steps to help you optimize your profiles on social media can make all the difference between being that awesome brand and being just another account on the platform. 


So go forth, stand out and make your brand shine!

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