Get Noticed on Instagram!

Instagram’s analytics rewards accounts that show up and are active within the platform.

What does that mean?

You need to put in the effort to get noticed and grow your community.


Post Regularly

Once a day, twice a day…decide on a schedule and stick with it to get Instagram’s algorithm’s attention. A word of caution: if you decide to upload a higher number of posts for a specific time period, e.g. three months, before shifting to fewer posts then the algorithm will ‘punish’ you by reducing the visibility of your posts because it’ll think that you’ve become a ‘non active’ account.

So pick the number of posts that you feel confident that you can commit to and stick with it for a minimum of six months. By then, you’ll have built a history on the platform that could allow you to play around with your posting schedule and type of content.

Switch Things Up

Add simple animated effects to your images, use GIFs, play around with the type of visuals you’re using…the sky’s the limit!

Insta-Stories also has a lot of fun features you can explore, including its newest addition: Reels!

Once you’ve figured out what works with you and your audience, it’ll become a simple matter of replicating it – but always make sure to keep things fresh to stay on top of the game!

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