Stop Posting Into The Void

Tell me if either of these sound familiar: Scenario A You don’t focus on your social media accounts; posting randomly or irregularly, often with an image or quote card that you hurriedly put together when you realise it’s been ages since your followers have heard from you. Then you wonder why you’re barely getting any […]

3 simple steps to uplift your social media account today

Unsure about how to get started on social media? Want to level up your content? Then read on! HAVE A TOPIC LIST Create a list that has up to five subjects that you can rotate among so you’ll never run out of content. Here’s my suggested list: expertise (professional, personal or both), lifestyle (such as […]

World Social Media Day

June 30 is World Social Media Day! It was established by Mashable in 2010 to celebrate how social media has impacted the way we communicate with each other. What better way to commemorate this fine occasion than with a round up of the best thing ever to come out of the internet – the meme? […]